How to take care of your ties

A high quality tie purchase can bring your ensemble together. It provides you with flexibility to diversify your wardrobe and allows you to mix and match ties to your suits and shirts in ways that bring out flair and attest to your individual personality. It is important, however, that you know how to take care of your ties.

When removing your tie after a hard day at the office or a formal event – or the Kentucky Derby, be sure to remove it in the reverse order that it was tied. Hence, pull the skinny end through the loop first and then undo the knot.

When storing your ties, the best way to preserve them is to drape your tie(s) over a coat hanger. Hanging your ties in appropriate fashion allows creases and folds to fall out.

Tie Cleaning

As mentioned in our FAQ page, we have not constructed our ties to be stain proof, as this involves coating the ties with a layer of plastic resin, which would detract from the natural smooth feel of silk that we are such strong advocates of! With that said, a small stain can ruin any tie.

In the event that your tie does stain, try and do one of the following:

Dabble seltzer water or club soda with a cloth on the stain. Do not rub vigorously.

If you happen to get greasy materials stain your tie, talcum powder is far more effective than water, as the powder will absorb the grease. After a few hours, you can wipe off any residue with a soft cloth.

How to get wrinkles out of your ties

The best way to remove wrinkles out of your ties without ironing is the use of steam. Leave the hot water running in the shower for a few minutes, and then hang the tie up behind your door to let the wrinkles out.

When removing wrinkles through ironing, be sure to press over the wrinkles using a handkerchief or cloth. Do not place the iron directly on the tie!

When taking your ties to a dry cleaner, specifically request that they don't press down directly on your ties, as ironing a tie presses down on its rolled edges, thereby taking away its shape.

Source: The Dark Knot

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Guyana Silk Necktie
Guyana Silk Necktie
Guyana Silk Necktie
Guyana Silk Necktie
Guyana Silk Necktie
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